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Wild Membership provides an online sanctuary for practice, exploration and growth by giving you support, tools and guidance to live life from the core out — from your heart centre — pursuing your dreams and desires and accessing the deeper wisdom that lies within. 


The heart of Wild Membership is a live monthly group call that gives you direct access to Michelle. Membership also gives you access to exclusive content including guided inner journeys recorded just for members, and stories and prayers written and read by Michelle. You’ll also get access to invitation-only pilgrimages to Ireland and Australia and other special events.

What you can expect...

Guided Journeys

Exclusive Events

Monthly Calls



Magical Signs

Visual Meditations



Ancient Cultural Insights

Dream Interpretations

Choose Your Membership Option

  • Wild Wisdom

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    Monthly Membership
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      Annual Membership
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        Wild Wisdom membership, 4 private sessions , and a personalised ceremony with blessings and prayers.
        Valid for 12 months
        • Personal Sessions

      This payment is in USD and is an ongoing subscription. You may cancel at anytime with 30 days notice. For any questions, please contact

      Wild Stories

      From the tales of the selkies of Ireland to the spice markets of India to the deserts of the American southwest to the shipwrecks of Australia, the stories Michelle tells illuminate our deepest truths, the power of imagination and the strength that comes from developing our spiritual pathway. The prayers fortify, strengthen and deepen our connection with the Divine, with our deepest desires and dreams, with our resolve and capacity to heal, and they nourish and maintain the cosmic balance. They also create and call in the energy we need now. 


      Within this collection of magical stories, prayers, mantras and other spoken word recordings are woven ancient wisdoms, along with Michelle’s own inspirations, insights and teachings. They bridge the ancient and the now.

      Monthly Calls

      In this monthly live session, Michelle will guide you to explore the mystical, the mysterious and the unknown. Together you will venture into what it means to have clarity, confidence and to live from the heart. Michelle will guide you in cultivating your practice and pathway with integrity, love and a willingness to expand your awareness.


      She will invite you to follow the magical signs and live your life from your inner truth. You will also have access to the archive of previous calls.

      Inner Journey

      There is an unseen realm that supports and interacts with this world. The inner journey, also known as the shamanic or spirit journey, is an ancient way of drawing from your deep wisdom and all the forces that are available to you.


      The inner journey is how we enter that unseen realm to seek answers to our questions, receive inspiration and insight, to connect with ancestors, for reassurance, to find the flow or a new vision, and to receive healing or simply a moment of peace.

      Other Exclusive Content

      There will be opportunities for members to join special events such as small conversational groups that explore areas including Dreams, New Horizons, the current and evolving situation in the world and how we can make a difference through our spiritual practices. 

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