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Our dreams, prayers, and intentions

Set the course of our journey

Spinning our stories into the heavens

And into the Earth.

In this time of deep change 

We have the possibility to generate shifts

For ourselves and for the whole of nature

We must surrender to a deeper awareness that lies within

And live in accord with natural law

Wonder & Awe

Wild Wisdom is the pathway of wonder and awe. It is the way of the heart. When the heart is clear, when we listen to our heart, when we come from the heart, then we will always find our way.

The practices of Wild Wisdom ground you in the now, present to the moment and what that moment has to offer you. They will help you to be more, to love more, to experience more. To listen to your heart, to trust it and to act on it. To access the deep wisdom that you know is within you and unfold your dreams and desires. There’s a reason we do our practices. They prepare and fortify us for times like these. They keep us strong. They provide the clarity we need to access our deeper wisdom and create the space for inspiration to flow.

Wild Wisdom offers a passage into the more hidden and mysterious elements of how we create the life we desire through our dreams, awareness and intention.

Of all the deep springs
Yours is the deepest
The purest

The stronger your connection to your true self, the greater your ability to create a nourishing life that heals and supports the greater community and the world as a whole. Helping many more people to accomplish this is Michelle’s unique talent and her life’s work.

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Michele MacEwan Spiritual Guide

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