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Shamanistic in her approach, Michelle’s method is based on Wild Wisdom. She illuminates, instructs and coaches you to attune to and spark the insight you require from the earth’s natural beauty, our ancestral intelligence, and the inner mysteries each of us has inherited. To work with Wild Wisdom is to find and follow the signposts in our lives and develop our own deeper wisdom.

Working With Michelle
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The Heart Centre

The Heart Centre is a place of stillness & consistency
the neverchanging truth
that is at the heart of all things

We access this place through the inner journey, a core practice of Wild Wisdom. Within us all are the answers.

Through the inner journey you meet yourself, you meet your guides, and you meet your creativity. You are able to be in touch with your core - your inner wisdom - in a visceral way. Over the years, I have developed my own powerful practice of the inner journey through which I guide groups and individuals to enter into their safe and sacred space - the heart centre. From here, there are doorways to all other places and many symbols and signs to be discovered. On these inner journeys, we seek and find answers to our questions, receive healing, clarity and inspiration, and it is from here that we create

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Individual 1:1 Session

Whatever need or question has arisen, whatever is going on in your life, or with what you are trying to create, these sessions provide deep insight, clarity, healing and passage to your inner wisdom. Michelle will help illuminate your deepest truths, healing and nourishing you and your life force.

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Premium 1:1 Package

Includes 5 hours of one-to-one consultations, plus dream interpretation, and a daily practice/ritual.

Customised programs
Groups and Individuals
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Michelle designs long and short-term programs for groups and individuals that accommodate your specific
desires, needs and timeline. For example:

  • 10 sessions and 3 check in calls to get you on track and give shape to a new vision for your life

  • Circle of Life: a 30-day intensive

  • Spiral of Life: a journey through a complete cycle of the moon as you synthesise inner and outer worlds;

  • Journey of Wholeness: a month of sessions and practices focusing on our inner strength and beauty and to cultivate the shamanic way of seeing

  • New Frontiers: illuminating conversations, inner journeys and other practices and guidance

We work with our time intuitively - this is immersion into my shamanistic practices.

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Michelle offers invitation-only group and individual pilgrimages.

Annual pilgrimage to Ireland, May/June.

Bi-annual to Australia, October/November.