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Wild Wisdom Women’s Pilgrimage

Mystery, healing and transformation

Wild Wisdom Women’s Pilgrimage; mystery, healing and transformation

Come and experience the magic and mystery of Connemara and be part of an intimate group of like minded women. Nourish your heart and soul, dive into your dreamtime, connect with your ancestors and work with deep spiritual technologies such as the inner journey, your dreams and ancestral connections as well as your deep work for those who are emerging and yet to be born.

This is such a powerful time to do this work - catching the tide of Samhain - the opening into the dreamtime, the ancestor festival and beginning of the Gaelic New Year.


Join me for this soulful immersion in shamanism and wild wisdom, drawing from my Gaelic roots and the deep wisdom of the work I have evolved over the last four decades. 


This pilgrimage begins at 5pm on 26th September and runs through 11 am on 2nd October. There is also the option for participants to extend your stay for a Deeper Immersion, dreaming and integration process. This will also include a personal session. There is space for 4 participants. 


Extend your stay

2nd October 12pm - 4th October 12pm. Limited to 4 people. 


The opportunity to extend your stay for 2 full days will create a strong foundation and framework for your overall experience, and also deepen your integration process. It will anchor the energetic transformation in your heart and mind ensuring that your integration process continues when you return home. Take time just for you to sink into your dreams and desires, engage in some deep healing, inspiration and reflection, attune to the environment, walk along the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and continue to unwind from your every day life.


As this is a small group, please register as soon as possible.

Image by Mathieu Habegger

Registration options and pricing.

​Wild Wisdom Women’s Pilgrimage


Shared Room

Early Bird registration shared room - €2700 ( until 31 May )

Regular registration shared room - €3000 ( 1 June - 1 September )

Private Room 

Early Bird registration - €3,000 ( until 31 May )

Regular registration - €3,300 (1 June - 1 September )

Your tuition includes 6 nights of lodging, a full pilgrimage program and all meals. Two payment options for early bird and regular registration available at checkout. 


Extension - Deep immersion - ( 2 - 4 October)

Stay for a 2 day deeper immersion of dreaming and integration plus individual session.


Deepen into our work, rest, dream and integrate plus have personal time with Michelle - limited spaces! 


Shared Room

Early Bird registration - €800 ( until 31 May )

Regular registration - €950 (1 June - 1 September)


Private Room

Early Bird registration - €1000 ( until 31 May )

Regular registration - €1,150 (1 June - 1 September)

Early Bird Discount

Apply the coupon code Early24 for an early bird discount, which will be accessible during the checkout process. Valid until 31 May 2024.

What to expect

  • Daily adventures in an ancient, storied and windswept landscape laced with holy sites, breathtaking natural beauty, the echoes of wonder tales of old and imbibe in stories that are kept alive by the local culture.

  • Practice powerful techniques, including working with the inner journey, dreams, wisdom codes and other rituals and storytelling.

  • We stay in a treasured, historic building on cliff tops overlooking the expanse of the wild northwest Atlantic Ocean. The views are divine, and the surrounding ambience is deeply healing and restorative.

  • Also essential for deeply restorative and transformative work is eating well! Expect locally sourced, organic, whole food especially prepared just for you.

  • And our days will be guided by the sun, moon and stars. The cycles of life.

Pilgrimaging through your inner and outer landscapes; whether you are on a healing journey, creating a new way of being, seeking a new vision or forging a bridge to your ancestral guidance, we will open the way into this time of new dreams, with the opportunity to create a new beginning, seed new dreams or create a new vision as we prepare for the northern winter time and the doorway of Samhain ( the dark half of the year ).


If you are coming from the southern hemisphere, fear not, I will curate your experience appropriately.


We will have a gathering via zoom to set our intentions and have a Q&A closer to the date.

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