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Oct 29, 2021
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Dia Dhuit, It makes senese that I share my story with Michelle's community as it has been through interactions with her that have helped direct my new path in life. Back in rhe middle of the summer I attended one of the monthly meetings where Michelle told us about the Shamanic Wisdom Summit she was speaking at. Her talk talk spoke to me. Especially the part about not having a plan and letting the energy of the moment lead the way. My husband is Mohawk and we are being called to move to The Adirondacks Mountains in upstate New York where his people originated from. We have been devoted to learning about the people here in Turtle Island, so the next person we watched was Winona La Duke. She spoke briefly as she is protecting the water from Line 3 being completed on her homeland in Northern Minnesota. At the end, she said "The water is calling". We both became overwhelmed with emotion. After hearing your words and this call, we made the decision that night to follow the sign to join the water protectors. A month ago we left the concrete jungle of Detroit and moved into a tent with our 2 year old son and our dog Luna. Selling our house and stepping into the life we are meant to live. We are running 227 miles of the North Country Trial as a representation of the 227 lakes the pipe line passes through. This is to raise money and awareness for the resistance, but also very much a rite of passage for us. A time to connect to Mother Earth and discover ourselves on a deeper level. I can feel the new energy taking hold as I center myself in my heart space and run through the forest here in Michigan. If you would like to learn more and donate, here is a link to our GoFundMe - We are also documenting all our learning on this new jounrey via our Youtube Channel. Here's our first video called "How can we explore the depths of life?" If anyone would like to connect please reach out! Much love, Fiona
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