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Deeper Wisdom

Now is the time. Time to access your Wild Wisdom —wisdom that heals, inspires, and allows you to create and flow with life on a deeper more satisfying level.

There is an unseen realm within you that holds a deeper path, a deeper awareness, a deeper way. It’s connected to the nature outside of you as well as within you. You know this and you are ready for it. It is your Wild Wisdom. When you are connected to your Wild Wisdom, you live life from your inner authority, from your magic, and from the core of who you are.

Monthly Practice

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Working with your unique spiritual pathway, making it central to all we do – this is the way forward in the times in which we find ourselves.

Receive your free monthly practice from Michelle in your inbox each new moon when you sign up to receive updates. This monthly practice focuses on a core area of your spiritual well being and the continuing development of your unique spiritual pathway. 

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Working Together

Let us sit together in our inner light
Let us dream, let us realise, let us converse
Let us go looking for the tracks of spirit
Let us follow the path and look for the magical signs
Let us go along the good path

Michelle works with groups and individuals remotely and in-person. Michelle’s craft includes:

  • Guiding you in the regular practice of inner journeywork

  • Crafting expeditions and daily pilgrimages into the natural world

  • Translating ancient teachings to help you resolve conflicts, answer questions, deconstruct points of confusion, to place your next foot forward with greater clarity

  • Integrating ritual and spiritual exercises to enrich your work and daily life

  • The art of living life as a journey — harmonising your inner and outer worlds

  • Developing your own unique wisdom and creativity.

Prayer Series
Prayer for the Pathway | Guided Prayer
A Shaman's Prayer | Guided Prayer

A Shaman's Prayer | Guided Prayer

A Shaman's Prayer by Michelle MacEwan is adapted from a prayer by Maria Sabina, a curandera who was from the Sierra Mazateca of Southern Mexico. It fits with an ancient way of working that belongs to the shaman. It is a prayer for powerful reassurance — for you it might be for healing or navigating a personal or family crisis, or the dark night of the soul. Or perhaps you are a healer or someone who is helping others in some way. It is a prayer for powerful reassurance. Subscribe to our channel for more guided journeys, meditations, interpersonal and transpersonal hypnosis practices: About Michelle MacEwan & Wild Wisdom Michelle is a spiritual teacher and guide with natural healing abilities, an international speaker, environmental activist and gifted storyteller with over thirty years’ experience leading retreats, guiding groups and working with individuals (entrepreneurs, business leaders, activists, creatives and those who are only discovering their pathway), toward a deeper wisdom. ` Michelle’s craft includes guided journeys, meditations and hypnosis; crafting expeditions and pilgrimages; translating ancient teachings to help resolve conflicts and answer questions; and integrating ritual and spiritual exercises to enrich your work and daily life. Find out how you can work remotely or in person, individually or in groups with Michelle: Connect with Michelle MacEwan on Social Media Instagram: SoundCloud:

Wild Membership

Wild Wisdom Membership provides an online sanctuary for practice, exploration and growth by giving you support, tools and guidance to live life from the core out — from your heart centre — pursuing your dreams and desires and accessing the deeper wisdom that lies within.  Deepen your practice with a live monthly group call with Michelle. Your subscription will also include a regular audio guided journey, stories written and read by Michelle, and special events just for members. You’ll also get access to invitation-only pilgrimages to Ireland and Australia.

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Michelle's Story

"I live in wild places. Mostly I’m in Australia on the cliffs above the Southern Ocean. At times I am on the west coast of Ireland overlooking the North Atlantic. My driving force is to create with you, strong spiritual connections and pathways to live life as a journey, to develop an innate understanding of your inner world and to live harmoniously with all life on Earth".



Michelle is a spiritual guide and teacher with natural healing abilities. She is an international speaker, environmental activist and storyteller with over thirty years experience leading retreats, guiding groups and working with individuals (entrepreneurs, business leaders, activists, creatives and those who are discovering their pathway) towards a deeper wisdom. Along with her husband, Michelle also runs a wildlife rescue shelter to care for and rehabilitate injured and orphaned animals. Michelle’s work with wildlife is part of her greater mission to raise awareness about the wild and our place in nature. Michelle helps you discover, or evolve, your own unique pathway with wonder, grace and deepening resolve to come back to your unique place in the natural world.


Making our own unique spiritual pathway central to all we do – this is the way forward in the times in which we find ourselves. 

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