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Mar 18, 2021
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Dreams. I like to share a curios dream a had last night: I've travelled far out the countryside. To a small village...or more like a small alternative community. Its late afternoon. I am going to have an intuitive reading from at woman who lives there. I‘ve arrived in the middle of the town. The woman and I walk out, to the edge of town, where she lives. Beautiful sunset, just before the night is filled with stars. I would like to live here, but don't think I have a chance to do that. I am not the right kind. The woman says it is hard to find free accommodation in the town, but she knows some possibilities. She talks about introducing me to some people. She talks to me as if we are friends and already know one another. She knows, that I have something speciel - speciel gifts, that I do not recognise as something speciel myself. I need to go to the toilet. She shows me to a room. I can't find the toilet in there, so I just wee, thinking that the sanitary pad I'm wearing will absorb it. It doesn't and I leave a wet spot on her white bed spread. The woman goes to the toilet after me. She sees the wet spot and removes all thats on the bed. Throws it in the wash bin. she does not say anything about it. I don't think she finds it important. I want to change the sanitary pad. Search my bag for a new one. Instead of pads, I have taken round smooth stones with me. They are usually much better that the pads, almost magic in fact, but right now, not very good, for they will not absorb anything from my wet pants. I go to change it anyway. As I go to the toilet, I see, that the woman has not been able to flush the toilet completely. I look at it, and feel now we are even somehow. Such a funny dream. About longing, shame, searching outside myself. What are you dreaming?


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