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I'm happily retired after working my intire life. I live in Sebastopol, CA in a beautiful area surrounded by trees and wildlife. I have been studing Shaminisim off and on for 10 years now. I have taken many classes from Sandra Ingerman and her students.

I have always been drawn to the spiritual path. I saw Michelle on the Shift Networks recent Summit and she intreged me. I make it a daily ritual to awaken and give thanks to Grandmother Earth, the 4 directions, East South, West and North and Soverinty. I also after doing my daily Gigong practice give thanks again to the 4 directions and Grandmother earth and Father Sky, as well as when I go to sleep.I spend alot of time outdoors, walking my 2 dogs in a beautiful private reserve or along the beach. I'm blessed to live on a beautiful property backing up to a Bay tree forest and among the Redwoods, this is where I feel at home always. I talk to the nature beings that surround me. I also studing herbalizm and have a nice herb garden. I am very greatful for everything I have and to be able to live my life with my animal friends, in a beautiful forest surrounded by trees, birds and other wildlife.


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